Protect your health from electromagnetic radiation with our product innovation- Fabric GUARD

For many activities in our daily lives it is necessary to use a protective shield against electromagnetic radiation (EMR). Very often, these shields have to be made of soft and sheer fabrics. One option is to put into practice the achievements of science and technology, including several advanced technical and technological products of textile fabrics. The structure of textiles includes electrically conductive fibers. For them metal items, such as silver, copper, bronze, gold and others are used.


Work in many areas of human activity such as modern warfare, medicine, security, transport, energy, ICT and other is usually under conditions of high EMR, which significantly exceed regulatory standards. On the other hand modern ICT tools must be protected from copying the information. All this requires new methods and tools to counter these factors.

There are several projects in the world of fabrics with embedded metal wires which are mainly woven fabrics. Our project involves the production of knitted fabric with built-in metal thread for protection against EMR. We have called this shield knitted fabric “GUARD”. A utility model is registered in the Patent Office of the technology of production.

front                                                                                                          back


 Technical characteristics and structure:

  • Width of the fabric: 1700 mm
  • Material:  PES /  Cu&Sn
    • Textile base – PES 83 dtex or material choice
    • Metal thread – 0,050 мм Cu&Sn
  • Color: white or optionally
  • Weight: 120 – 150 g/m2
  • Attenuation (protective properties):
    • 40-70 dB (99,99%-99,99999%) at frequencies 30 MHz – 600 MHz
    • 20-40 dB (99%-99,99%) at frequencies 600 MHz – 18000 MHz
  • 1 kg contains 8 m±7% or 4,5 linear meters ±5%

What distinguishes it from similar projects around the world is that it has protective and shielding properties for not polarized waves.

Fabric GUARD has a high degree of attenuation of electromagnetic energy, which is its main feature, but it is also characterized with many additional advantages that make it competitive and attractive, such as draping ability (ethereality), softness, flexibility, strength, resistance to external influences and good physiological and hygienic properties.

Test results of samples of fabric GUARD show that the attenuation rate for different frequency ranges from 40 to 70 dB. Our fabric has screening ability when the waves are polarized parallel to the embedded metal strip over 60 dB (1 000 000 times). To obtain a greater attenuation in all directions a double screen can be applied and two layers of the fabric are arranged perpendicularly to one another.


Laboratory tests and properties of the fabric GUARD