PROEX GROUP is a company specializing in the sale and service of computers, office equipment and peripherals, sales of consumables and construction of video surveillance systems. Since its inception
We are actively present in the market, gaining the trust of our customers and partners
with professionalism and responsibility.

The company was founded in 2013 as a Bulgarian private company specializing in
sales and service support of printers, copiers,
computers, laptops and video surveillance cameras. Our daily efforts are focused
to competently and reliably help our customers to solve problems with
office equipment, consumables and video surveillance.

The service support of office equipment and video surveillance offered by our company
include both visit and service at addresses and the provision of
consumables and spare equipment during the repair. Another form convenient for customers is the subscription form
support – our customers fully entrust the care of their equipment, like this one
thus benefit from both shortening the repair period and preferential prices for
parts, consumables and service.

Our diverse range and availability allow us to respond to
almost all customer requirements. This combined with our experience and professionalism,
as well as our extensive material base, resources and specialized equipment gain
daily trust of our partners and customers.

Since the founding of PROEX GROUP until now, we have maintained and expanded the environmental
direction in its development. Our company recycles used toner cartridges and modules,
which are most often discarded by others and pollute nature with toxic residues
toners, plastic and metal waste.

Professionalism at every level. We work hard and professionally to be useful
to customers by offering them high quality products and services in the field of
information technology. We believe that this will provide the necessary
development of the company to serve customers and society.

Every problem has its solution! PROEX GROUP is always by your side.